These are some websites that I probably spend way too much time visiting. Visit them too!

Misc running chit chat

Runner’s World
Everything run related – News, training advice, reviews, tips etc.

Once upon a time just a running app but now a pretty comprehensive website covering all things running.

Similar to Runtastic. Running app that has evolved into a full blown running website.

Men’s Health
Okay – Not just a running website but includes a running section

The Science of Running
Pretty much self-explanatory except to add that it’s written by Steve Magness. If you don’t know who Steve Magness is, go find out now.

Fetch Everyone
Not the best looking website in the world but dont judge a book by its cover. Absolutely rammed full of running content and community.


If you have a local running shop then use it! If you don’t have one or can’t use it then these online stores will see you right.
This used to be an awesome bricks and mortar store in Bradford. I bought my first pair of trail shoes there. Now it’s a website that sells loads of shoes and a few other bits and pieces.
One for the multi-sports athletes or triathletes out there. If it’s run, cycle or swim related it’s on here.
Online and bricks and mortar stores. It’s called Runners Need. Not sure I need to explain.

Another bricks and mortar and online combo. Nearly all of my running shoes come from here. Offers free gait analysis in-store.

Race Finders

No explanation needed for any of these. Go visit them to find races.