Disclaimer – Unless you’re me re-reading this to jog your memory of previous achievements this is likely to be a particularly dull read.

Not sure this picture does it justice but this is a blooming steep hill that I’ve recently become very well acquainted with.

It’s been an awful long time since I wrote anything on here. The last time was in March, which seems like another world ago now and not one we’re likely to return to anytime soon. During this time my motivation for running has been consistently strong, but my motivation for posting on here has been close to zero. Then, for no apparent reason, this morning I woke up and felt strongly that it was something that I needed to get on with. 

Yorkshire. It’s reet nice intit.

When I last posted, I said I was hoping to hit a sub 20 minute 5K time by the end of March. On March 31st I went out and found the flattest spot I could to run. This isn’t an easy job in Morley but I managed to find a way to run with just 36m elevation across 5k. I managed a time of 19:55 and was incredibly satisfied to have achieved this. Just to see if I could still do it, I went and tried the same again about 6 weeks later, and again managed a time of 19:55.

At this point it felt like I should set myself a new target but had no idea what this should be. I was enjoying running quicker but at the same time was also enjoying running longer. I decided to just run and with the general goal to just get better at running and enjoy doing it. Because I had no specific target I had felt like there couldn’t have been any specific achievements and updating anything on here seemed a little pointless. Recently, following a now all too familiar series of injuries, I was reflecting on what progress I had or hadn’t made since March and realised I had in fact achieved lots.

Beautiful spot, completely found by accident. Getting lost is good.

Since March I have:

  • Achieved a sub 20minute 5K twice
  • Completed a 30K run – My longest run ever
  • Achieved my fastest 10k time in several years. (I don’t know exactly how long but Strava thinks it’s my fastest 10K so I probably haven’t run faster in the last 10 years). I did it in 41.37.
  • Supported a member of our run club on his 100 mile effort in 24 hours. My effort was only 15 miles but this was done at night and the first time I have ever run with a headtorch. 
  • Run my most elevation ever in one run – 817m
  • Run my greatest distance in a given month – 201KM
Look out JJ Abrams. I can do lens flare too!

Just for the record, things were going brilliantly until mid August, then a mystery groin injury that just wouldn’t go away meant I lost about 6 weeks of training that brings us up to this point now. I’ve managed a long steady run today and everything feels fine so hopefully I can start again the never ending cycle of getting near to that sub 40 minute 10K and then getting injured. 

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