In the last 2 months of being injured a number of things have happened. Here they are.

I’ve lost the motivation to update this blog. I haven’t run for two months so finding a reason to write has been difficult. Frustratingly, this understandable lack of motivation has had a general knock on to motivation in many other areas of life unrelated to running.

I’ve fallen in love with running more than ever before. The idea that absence makes the heart grow fonder is definitely true here. I’ve become incredibly envious of anyone I’ve seen running whilst I’ve been on my commute to or from work. I’ve looked forward to running even a short distance. I’ve told myself that one day I’ll run an ultra and the training for it will be continuously enjoyable because I’ll be running and nothing is greater than running. I’ve forgotten that my legs might ache and that I might struggle to fit in the training or that it might impact upon other commitments in my life. 

I’ve developed an annoying similarity to that type of person I hate that visits their GP and won’t leave satisfied until they have a course of antibiotics prescribed to them. I’ve longed for a definitive answer to the pain in my knee. I’ve wanted a diagnosis so that I can then feel like I know exactly what the problem is and can know exactly how long to stop running for, exactly what I need to do to make things better, or know exactly what someone else can do to make things better for me.

I’ve enjoyed knowing that I wont be going out for a run later this morning or this afternoon or this evening or tomorrow morning. I’ve known there’s absolutely no chance of being able to fit in a run anytime soon and so I’ve quite happily, without internal conflict, said yes to a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon pint.

Yesterday I went out for a run for the first time in two months. It was a short and a slow run and my knee but today I have been pain free. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that with a bit of luck, some appropriate strength training and a sensible approach to gradually upping my distance I’ll remain injury free for some time to come.

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  1. I am dealing with tendon issues in knee and achilles, am down to one tentative run a week, down from six, hopefully just for a few weeks. I hope I’m not out for as long as you have been. Gym work galore in the meantime. Glad you are back up and running.


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