So, after a couple of posts on my general thoughts about running I thought it was about time I actually wrote a post about my running itself.

I’ve stuck to my plan and am aiming 100% for a sub 40 minute 10K by the end of June. In fact, realistically this will be by the middle of June as I’ve entered the Blackpool Music Run which will take place on 16th June. I can’t imagine much of a flatter course so if I can’t get it here there isn’t much chance I’m going to do it in the 2 weeks between then and the end of June.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve managed on average 3 runs a week. I’ve no idea if this will be enough but in the past 3 runs a week has been enough to improve my times. More than 3 runs a week starts to get pretty unmanageable. I have two young children so my day often starts before 6am. I’d love to be able to fit in a morning run before the kids are up but this just doesn’t seem reasonable considering most nights are made up of broken sleep because of the youngest, now just over a year old and still pretty determined to not see a whole night through without waking. I’m also a secondary school teacher and so most evenings once the kids are in bed I spend a couple of hours planning or marking. Runs generally have to happen between getting the kids down and starting work.

Currently my runs consist of two faster runs of 5-6K each week and one longer run, somewhere between 10 and 12K. Yesterday I managed a run of 6.5K at a pace of 4:07 mins per kilometre. Whether or not I can get rid of those 7 seconds per KM and do it over 3.5K more remains to be seen.

Getting to this point, a point of 42 minute 10Ks and 21 minute 5Ks seems the (relatively) easy part, I’ve been there or thereabouts many times before but only got beyond that once at some point about 10 years ago. It may be that to get beyond that and down to 40 minutes or less needs more run hours than I can manage at the minute and then something will have to give.

On the other hand if I can keep doing this and get below 40 then it’ll be time to set a new, slightly tougher target for what will be left of the summer. Half marathon PB by September? For now I’ll just take on step and one run at a time.

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